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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

East Tanfield Work

David manning Causey Crossing to let the works loco through .....
..... & removing old ferrules from S1 chairs
Jonny keying a chair .....
...... then drilling .....
..... & screwing it down
Dave & David keying chairs to a closure rail
The impact wrench doesn't fit some screws
Shaun fixing a chair in place


Angela said...

You all need congratulating working in the freezing cold, wind, snow and rain. Very impressive.

Strawberry_Lynn said...

How did you take that photograph?

Derek said...

If you mean the first photo at Causey Level Crossing, it was taken through the cab window of the Husky.

Strawberry_Lynn said...

Ah, it makes sense now. I thought we were looking at the cab roof!