Sunday, 2 September 2018

Another Sunday

Dave & Chris shunting carriages
On the train this morning - driver Steve, ticket inspector Dave & guard Dave
(photos courtesy of Angela Pickering)

Andrews House staff 6 - visitors 0
(photos courtesy of Angela Pickering)
Cochrane arriving at Andrews House
Frank removing weeds from Gibraltar Bridge
Tyler & Oliver removing firebars from Twizell
Jim's making loco & track parts
Ian greasing the crane sheaves ......
...... & testing the load indicator
Chris taking a sample from No.3's firebox
(photo courtesy of Ben Wilson)
Angela in the signalbox
Luke & Tom watering Cochrane
Approaching the signalbox .....
..... to exchange tokens
The view from AW No.2, assisting Cochrane into Andrews House
Jonny exchanging tokens while propelling the train to Marley Hill

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