Tuesday, 4 September 2018

ET Platform Surface

Steve & Kevin reducing the height of a intruding post
Rob, Dave & Kevin digging out where the digger cannot reach
Kevin, Rob & Steve aim for 100 mm depth
Special attention for electric cabling & lamp post
Compacting around, having straightened the post
John working on the distribution board in the carriage shed
Dave installing a socket
Connecting to source
Rob compacting
Breaking out concrete around a manhole cover
Ian delivering blocks
More levelling & compacting
Removing in bulk from an area
Spreading a sand bed for blocks
Levelling to height .....
..... getting ready for blocks
Finally a puzzle - where & what is this?


Michael Denholm said...

The Pigric Acid (an explosive, among other things) stencil must have been applied to a former gunpowder van body. Such as the one serving as Bobgins Level Crossing 'bothy'.

Derek said...

That's right - due to weathering, it has reappeared on our other gunpowder van body at ET