Monday, 3 September 2018

At Marley Hill Today

Ian working on Cochrane's blower valve;
Peter removing a plug to fill the boiler
Peter finding a plug to facilitate hydraulic testing of Cochrane's boiler
Angela & Ian checking inside Cochrane's dome
Jim setting up his lathe to make a support stand for use on Horden
Dave checking the drawing .....
...... before making the a fulcrum pin for Horden
Dennis building up a sander operating rod for Horden .....
..... while Walter reams out the lever for it
Peter & Walter discussing the job
Malcolm & Dennis fitting the deflector plate to Horden's smokebox door
Eric straightening one of Horden's sanding levers ......
..... cosmetically aligning bolts .....
..... & with Malcolm painting Horden's reverser quadrant
Peter & Malcolm discussing another job on Horden
Colin starting to make a firebar pattern for Horden

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