Thursday, 6 December 2018

More Tasks

Peter caulking the rivetted lap seam under the new weld on Horden's tank to ensure a watertight seal
Peter adjusting a filler piece to be welded into place on Horden's tank
Malcolm investigating fittings for the diesel fuel feed to the workshop heater 
Brian joining in with the pump - the permanent plumbing was later completed
Rhona, Colin & Geoff painting tongues & grooves for a new door
Bill digging the trench between van & container, assisted by Dave

John & Peter at the other end; Colin & Dave breakthrough to join trenches

Kyle needle gunning Horden's tank
Colin, Rhona & Rob building a door for the 3 road shed
Dave & Colin sawing .....
..... & with Bill clearing wood from the bank side down to MH shed

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