Sunday, 2 December 2018

North Pole Express Day #4

Tom on 49 fetching the empty stock out of MH carriage shed
Working on Horden's tank
Visually checking a weld
Tyler watching Jim working on an injector body for Twizell
Steve shunting Twizell into Marley Hill shed, to get water
Richard & Mark watering 49 at the North Pole
Running round
Dan the guard signalling buffering up
Chris checking signal lights
Cameras out for another North Pole arrival
Waiting for a departure from the North Pole
Passengers swap over at East Tanfield ......
..... as 49 swaps ends
Inside Tommy Armstrong's tea room
Sales stand in ET waiting room
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)
Passengers swap over at the North Pole
Ben, Steve & Matthew wait on Twizell .....
..... to take over the NPE from 49
Car park crew at East Tanfield
Alfie & Sean check tickets at ET as Martin looks on
Tom working No.7 & Bobby making a gusset for a hopper

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