Tuesday, 8 January 2019

ET Offloading Siding

The photos below, except where noted, are courtesy of Dave Dixon:
Steve slinging a concrete sleepered 85 lb/yd FB track panel .....
..... to be lifted out of ET head shunt
Bill & Steve guiding the panel .....
..... to a temporary lineside stockpile
Kevin clearing overhanging branches .....
..... assisted by Dennis
Kevin clearing
Bill guiding a sleepered 90lb/yd BH track panel being swung in .....
..... to be positioned on the alignment of the offloading siding
Bill, Colin & Steve placing the second replacement panel
Colin watching as Ian aligns the panels with the digger
Rob clearing tools
Showing the general alignment with crossing nose in position
(photo courtesy of Ian Cowan)
The photos above, except where noted, are courtesy of Dave Dixon

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