Tuesday, 1 January 2019

South Shields Low Station

Is anyone able to assist with a photograph of South Shields Low Station?   This was the Brandling Junction station above the HCC tunnel to Harton Low Staiths, near S/S market place,  across Station Road from St Hilda Colliery (now an ASDA).   Some Low Station buildings were still in use in the 1980s as a car repair garage.
South Shields Low Station headshunt was above the wall with the dome mirror
(incidentally La Strada nightclub was in the small site in front of the mirror)


jonjos said...

I used to work in High Shields signal box . The old Low stn was at the bottom of High Shields goods yard. It was still complete. There is a photo I have Copyright J W Armstrong in 1-4- 1950. There are others taken from a distance.

Derek said...

Jonjos - thanks for the info, sorry your comment wasn't published sooner & this late reply. I've published photos on https://tanfield-railway.blogspot.com/2019/01/south-shields-stations.html