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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Odd Jobs

Ian & Steve assisting with the lifting .....
...... & moving of a shaping machine which is stored outside
John rewiring a 3 phase slotting machine in the workshop
Kevin preparing wood to alter a shutter .....
(photo courtesy of Geoff Lowe)
..... which Geoff finishes at the signalbox
(photo courtesy of Geoff Lowe)
A 6 cylinder Gardner being removed from the open store
Ian & Ian dealing with a problem on the forklift
The cutoff end of a container being removed for conversion into a store
The Gardner engine (a type common to several items at TR) .....
...... being placed into temporary store in the 5 road shed
Installation work on the back gable of the woodwork shed
Cameron on the handbrake of 49 while it is being coaled
Dennis assisting with rearrangement of stock in the carriage shed
Steve at the ground frame
Cameron coupling carriages
Steve lighting HL No.2 as frost protection
A smoky view inside Marley Hill shed this evening

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