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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

East Tanfield Again

Webster's moving a container from the site
Kevin & Bill feeding Geoff's bonfire
Steve dragging a replacement sleeper under the headshunt .....
..... after which Ian adds the chairs ....
..... then they watch Ian bringing the two No.2's into ET
Ian winding a helicoil onto the tool ....
..... which he screws into a worn chairscrew hole
Dennis & Steve screwing a chair down to a sleeper fitted with helicoils
Dave fitting an emergency exit lighting unit .....
.... then fitting the fascia dead level
Steve & Dennis replacing another sleeper
Steve fastening down the chair
HL No.2 being loaded at ET
Paused on the ramp
Ian checking progress
Once the loco is on the loader, the ramp is dismantled &loaded
Off onto Tanfield Lane, bound for the Foxfield Railway for a few days' special operation
Ian, Steve, Dennis & Ian ballasting the offloading siding
Geoff, Dennis, Ian & Steve .....
..... replacing another damaged sleeper
Ian pushing stone & blockwork .....
..... which he dumps into a hired skip for removal off site

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