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Thursday, 11 April 2019

More of East Tanfield

Colin greasing the point motor for ET carriage shed
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Rob greasing slide chairs
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Bill & Dennis fetching the tools to the point under construction .....
..... & jacking the track leading to the bay into better alignment with the crossing nose
Ian fetching a closure rail .....
..... which Ian helps to position
Using the digger to further align the track
I'm cropping a closure rail to length
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Cameron turning a rail into the chairs
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Dave drilling a rail end ready for fishplating .....
..... & Ian drilling another
Colin refitting point rodding
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Dave & Colin barring a rail into better alignment
The point is taking shape, although everything is yet to be fastened down
Dennis directing Cameron as he positions timbers

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