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Sunday, 7 April 2019

Mainly Marley Hill

Jim completing a couple of pins for a digger bucket
Mark sanding on the Lambton brake van
Richard shunting Twizell into MH shed with No.49 .....
..... before heading off into the mist with the empty stock
Jim checking dimensions of a collar .....
..... which Peter fits behind No.2's RH big end
Refitting the No.2's RH little end
Angela & Steve watching as Ian bars Twizell into place .....
..... so that he can work on Twizell's RH little end
Angela cleaning beneath Twizell
Tommy cleaning dishes
Bill waving & Antony looking out as No.49 heads south from Andrews House
Frank clearing between his daffodils
Peter watching as Oliver & Aidan work on No.2's LH big end
Aidan & Oliver test fitting No.2's LH big end brasses after adjustment
Oliver finally tightening No.2's LH little end
Steve working on the brakes of the Fowler diesel
Eric freeing a door on the Haxey van


Unknown said...

Was the Haxey Van a Full Brake or did it have passenger accommodation too?

Derek said...

Full brake. We refer to it as the Haxey van because that's the place from which we retrieved this van body.

There is detailed info on the carriage survey section of the Railway Heritage Register Partnership web site, specifically (with a photo)