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Thursday, 14 September 2017

An End of the Bay

Ian chipping concrete from a former ......
..... & Steve oiling it to reduce concrete sticking & giving a poor finish
Decanting the first load of concrete into the dumper
Wet rails & sleepers making steering awkward
Tipping to waiting Steve .....
..... who spreads the load inside the former
John vibrating
Ian & Steve topping out a former
John still removing air pockets
Ian levelling the top
Colin & Bill painting East Tanfield station exterior walls

Geoff stirring paint for his team
Colin at full stretch on a gable
Geoff unblocking a down pipe
Steve & Ian preparing part of the main platform for concreting
Removing top shutter & covering ducting for a water pipe
Removing shuttering without damaging the face
The finished bay copings

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