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Friday, 1 September 2017

Redheugh Gasworks

Another industrial landmark will disappear with the imminent demolition of Redheugh Gas Works, which has connections with Tanfield Railway:
  • the works were adjacent to the Tanfield Branch at the Teams
  • Sir Cecil A Cochrane was built for & spent all its industrial life at the works
  • Cochrane was registered with the Railway Executive to run on BR, so is one of only three existing locos (NER 1310 at Watergate, AB 32 Stanley at ET) to have worked on the Tanfield Branch
Looking south west into Redheugh Gasworks on 20 August 2017,
with demolition contractor's paraphernalia appearing
The Tanfield Branch ran where the trees are on the left
Looking south west from Team Street bridge along the route of the Tanfield
Waggonway / Branch - the trees on the right are on the left of the previous photo
Looking north east from Team Street bridge - the Tanfield Waggonway / Branch went straight on
- the northern part of the gasworks was on the left (see later Cochrane photo)
Walking south west along the waggonway, looking over the fence into the gasworks .....
...... & viewing the only remaining gas holder frame
Having walked past the gasworks, looking north east back down the waggonway
along the "Teams Cycleway", which has a very disjoint route because of later developments
Back at Marley Hill, Peter sketches the layout of the gasworks as he remembers it from 50 years ago
OS 6" map section showing Redheugh Gasworks at the turn of the 20th century
(Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland)
  • The 5 gas holders are shown, although the works were later expanded on the north side of Team Street (see below).
  • The Sheet Iron & Steel Works south of the gasworks has expanded and remains today as Spartan Redheugh Limited.
  • Note the proximity of Dunston Staiths - to ship coal from the Tanfield Branch would have required reversal at Redheugh & Dunston Junctions  - it is more likely that Tanfield Branch coal headed east up the Redheugh Incline in the gap between the NER's Gateshead Works & Gateshead Greenesfield Shed, thence to Tyne Dock.
Redheugh Gasworks in 1939; Tanfield Branch operated by the LNER on the right
(see the book Lost Industries of the Tyne, Tyne Bridge Publishing 2013)
The existing site south of Team Street showing redevelopment of the north site between
Team Street & the Tyne; the Tanfield Waggonway route is in the trees on the right of centre
(photo Ken O'Heed - see Skyscraper City)
Cochrane on the road to its shed (through the RH arch) on the north side of Team Street.
On the left, the Tanfield Branch heads south west under Team Street bridge.
(photo Armstrong Trust / Malcolm Dunnett)
Cochrane at work on the north site; beyond is the Redheugh Branch, & over the Tyne is Elswick
(photo Armstrong Trust / Malcolm Dunnett)
Redheugh Junction looking west; Tanfield Branch on the left, Redheugh Branch on the right, Cochrane's domain lies between
(photo Armstrong Trust / Derek Charlton)
During World War 2 at Redheugh Gasworks, women shovel coke into a waggon
(Gateshead Libraries)
Tram travelling west along Team Street passing the gasworks
I recall cycling between the gasworks walls on a very wet day to see ex-Leeds A1s
in Clayton & Davies scrapyard in Dunston, and glimpsing No.13 at Dunston power station
There are two excellent articles by Ken O'Heed on the Skyscraper City Website which give more historical & contemporary details of Redheugh Gasworks & its site - see:  

1 comment:

Chris said...

I think you have missed a few other existing locos I can think of 5 or possibly 6.

Sir Cecil A Cochrane RSH 7409/1948
Ruston and Hornsby 476140/1963 worked at Redheugh Gas Works now at Springwell.
NER H Class 1310 ex Watergate Colliery
Stanley (No.32) AB 1659/1920 ex East Tanfield, Tanfield Lea and Marley Hill Colliery
No.22 AB2274/1949 ex East Tanfield, Tanfield Lea and Marley Hill Colliery.

The 6th possibility J72 69023 shedded at Gateshead. Gateshead J72's were common place on the lower section of the branch.

There is also the chance of some existing BR diesels of classes 03, 04 and 08 after steam was withdrawn.