Sunday, 10 September 2017

TR Volunteers Weekend Away

This weekend saw a few of the TR volunteers enjoy a trip to the Pontypool And Blaenavon Railway, Dean Forest Railway and the Gloucester And Warwickshire railway. This is a few photos from the trip. 
David, Mark, Matthew, Bobby, Callum, Luke and Antony wait for the next tour round Big Pit.
Stewart, Antony, Luke, Chris and David chat as 71515 is being made ready.
Luke, Callum, David, Matthew and Bobby all ready to head down the mine.
Meanwhile back at the Furnace Sidings Chris and David are crewing 71515- which worked in the NE and has visited TR in 2015.
Chris prepping his fire.
Alex undertaking an impromptu guards turn.
Antony and Matthew ready for a run with the goods train.
4270- One of the visitors on a Fish and Chip special....
... Where the full TR team enjoy themselves.

Rennes is the attraction at the Dean Forest Railway- being built in the NE. 
Callum poining to D8059- this loco was built by Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn Ltd, Darlington in 1967.
Rennes has unsurprisingly attracted a large TR crowd. 
The final visit of the day was to the Gloucester And Warwickshire railway- where Luke (a fan of class 47's) looks impressed by 47367- while Chris, Callum, Matthew and Antony discuss more steam related things. 

The Full weekend team Stewart, Euan, Antony, Matthew, Chris, Callum, David, Luke (and Mark)

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