Sunday, 3 September 2017

Sunday Squad

Jack cleaning No.7 at Marley Hill
Ben & Richard taking the empty stock to Terrace Junction
Ben washing out Ccchrane's foundation ring
Richard & Alex rolling a 12"x 12" timber under 49
Oliver, Alex & Will adding packing ready for jacking
Logan & Angela using the injector on Twizell
Geoff & Helen cleaning up in Pontop Canteen
Chris oiling 225M's axle boxes
Steve bringing No.2 & its train into Andrews House ......
..... & Callum keeping an eye out as they leave .....
..... along with Euan & Dave
Angela removing Twizell's fire
(while Ben dries out)
On the Siphon G frames - Luke using a needle gun to remove scale .....
..... Ben cleaning .....
..... & Alex & Oliver painting
Ian & Logan putting a wheel set from Pony into the wheel lathe

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