Friday, 1 February 2019

Recent History Puzzle

Photo dated 2 July 1992 courtesy of Derek Knott via Andrew Knott
1.  What's happening?
2.  Which people can you identify?
3.  How many & what items around the shot can you spot?
4.  What's due to happen in this area?


Malcolm'Cruncher'Sunter said...

I think I can see 'our' Ian in the middle and 'our' Derek on the left? The wheel in the background is now at Beamish Hall?
Moving rails at East Tanfield maybe?
You will know!
Cheers Cruncher

Derek said...

1. A section of colonial gauge track is being prepared at the west end of Marley Hill ready for delivery of the Tasmanian pacific.
2. Sitting at the left is Neil Morgan, standing in the track panel is Ian, and on the far right is Martin Smith. Most of the others are members of CTF who were helping on site at the time.
3. Horden's flat NCB bunker is on the far left, No.17 went to Llangollen, in the right distance is the 9' flywheel of the single cylinder diesel engine, and to its right is the bulk of the steam crane Joshua.
4. The new storage shed will be built over this area.