Thursday, 7 February 2019

Today's Work at Marley Hill

John & Jim discussing control of the vertical borer as it skims a slide bar from HC 38
John trimming a cable for jointing
Jim milling the edge of the slide bar to suit new cross head slippers
Malcolm removing more rust from Horden's tank ......
...... alongside Peter
Colin & Bill painting the container
while Rob measures for an end frame
Angela coupling onto a rusty-fronted Cochrane
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Angela & Dave shunting locos into a murky MH shed
Geoff sweeping .....
..... & Colin shovelling
Angela & Ian refitting Twizell's safety valves
Colin & Dave clearing more of the site where van bodies have been removed .....
...... & assisting with loading of a dumper for off site restoration

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