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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Thursday Tasks

Malcolm smoothing filler on Horden's tank .....
..... with Peter doing the same
Brian ready to tin a bearing shell
Jim making another injector spindle
Colin reassembling the Sunniside History Group display board
(photo courtesy of Geoff Lowe)
Ian removing the old timber extracted from No.13 point
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
First train over the refurbished but unpacked No.13 point
I'm refixing a chair flat on the timber, with Rob lifting the end
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Dave completing some fittings
Ian, Dave & Colin shovel packing the new timbers under the point blades with stone chippings
Geoff cutting planks for signalbox repair .....
(photo courtesy of Geoff Lowe)
..... with Bill painting it
(photo courtesy of Geoff Lowe)
Rob, Colin & Dave shovel packing more of No.13 to lift dipped joints
Ian adjusting the point lock to reduce & even the effort required
Colin & Dave making another adjustment

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