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Saturday, 2 May 2020

Dawdon Colliery

Dawdon was one of the collieries (eg Horden, Vane Tempest) sunk in the early 1900s
using the latest technology to extract coal from under the North Sea
(photo from east-durham.co.uk)
Paurat E134 titan road header at Dawdon for the sea drift - new machinery .....
(from photos on Dawdon Facebook)
..... to maintain high annual production
(from photos on Dawdon Facebook)
Fitting a roof girder in a roadway - from a NERA film about Dawdon Colliery 
Seaham black waggons, 10 tonners, steel & wooden 20 ton waggons viewed from the washer
Dawdon was on Nose's Point, & both the colliery & previous industry tipped waste into the sea .....
The opening sequences of Alien 3 used the Blast Beach at Dawdon as an alien landscape, immediately after the pit closed in 1991
The beach is being cleaned & reclaimed by the sea - worn concrete in front, colliery shale on the right
(photo Andrew Curtis)
An excellent set of turn of the millennium views by Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen can be found at Amber's The Coal Coast

A more recent view from Nose's Point  - compare with the Alien view
This & much access to the Durham coast is managed by the National Trust
(photo by David Allan on Flickr)
The Lambton brakevan leaving Dawdon for Tanfield in 1991
The van featured recently on Tanfield Facebook 
(photo courtesy of Ian Cowan)
Nose's Point post pit - compare with the first photo on this post

More facts about Dawdon Colliery on the Durham Mining Museum web.

BBC News have recently published a few Dawdon before & after photos by John Davies.

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