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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

More Harz

The Harz Mountain Railway was introduced on this TR blog with photos by John Turnock on 28 April.

The photos below taken in July 1991 (where noted) & July 1992 (otherwise) are courtesy of Bob Payne, who has visited the Harz railway several times:
2-10-2T 99 2738-1 at Nordhausen Nord with a train to Hasselfelde in July 1991
Cabside detail in July 1991 - Deutsche Reichsbahn was the East German state railway.   Following reunification in 1990, locos were reclassified in 1992 and in 1994 taken into Deutsche Bundesbahn.   99 indicates narrow / metre gauge, fleet no.is 7238, 1 is a check digit, home shed BW-Wernigerode, class K57/10 
7222 arriving at Nordhausen Nord 
'Red camel' 877 uncommonly on a passenger train at Nordhausen Nord
(from Harz Mountain Railway by David Longman)
7246 leaving Krimrode
7222 arriving at Krimrode
7234 at Netzkater heading from Nordhausen to Wernigerode in July 1991 - note the forested slopes
Rabensteiner Stollen was the only coal mine in the Harz, & is now a visitor attraction at Netzkater 
A mining train at Netzkater
7231 at Eisfelder Talmuehle heading for Wernigerode in July 1991
7237 rejoining its train at Eisfelder Talmuehle in July 1991.
The standard gauge waggons on transporters are for limestone traffic from Harz.
7222 taking water at Eisfelder Talmuehle
The oldest 2-10-2T 4231 ready to head into the trees for Nordhausen from Eisfelder Talmuehle
7245 arriving at Eisfelder Talmuehle - note the station is surrounded by wooded slopes
On the climb to Benneckstein in July 1991 - showing why the Harz is metre gauge & uses 2-10-2Ts!
7246 taking water at Drei Annen Hohne; class CC diesel hydraulics 199 861 & 199 872 with standard gauge limestone waggons on metre gauge transporters
7231 running round its train at Schierke in July 1991
7246 arriving at Wernigerode Westerntor
7222 & 7234 at Wernigerode, the base & main station of the Harz system
Cleaning 7234's smokebox at Wernigerode shed
7234, 7246 & 7222 at Wernigerode shed
7246 in front of the turntable & shed, next to the standard gauge station
The photos above are courtesy of Bob Payne 

Wernigerode on Google Earth: 2-10-2T with smoke at bottom left; turntable at centre; 2 x 2-10-2Ts in the shadow NW of the shed; metre gauge station SE of turntable & shed; standard gauge tracks NW of metre gauge; std gauge station starts at very top right
'Live' webcam view of Wernigerode metre gauge shed & station
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