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Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Steamtown NHS

The photos below are courtesy of Dave Hewitt, & date from September 2018:
A mainline freight passing through Steamtown station in Scranton USA
Steamtown NHS (National Heritage Site) is in Scranton, Pennsylvania - a town & state very much based on coal & the 19th century industrial revolution in the US.   Steamtown has taken on much of the Vermont-based collection formerly at Steamtown USA, the finances, buildings & local support for which had collapsed.   As a National Heritage Site, Steamtown is part of & one of the National Parks, just like Yellowstone or Yosemite.  It's worth reading the history of the formation & politics behind Steamtown on Wikipedia, which also covers the exhibits.
Alco from 1927 in a reconstructed roundhouse area
Union Pacific Big Boy & Delaware & Lackawanna EMD F3 diesel
Delaware & Lackwanna Alco switcher emerging from the roundhouse area into the yard
Canadian National Railway 47, a passenger car & 4012 again
Nickel Plate Road Alco built 1905 & Baldwin built 1916
Canadian Pacific pacific
Baldwin no.26 built 1926 being steamed
Reading railroad 4-8-4
An excursion train returning to Scranton in the evening across a downtown level crossing
More on the locos at http://www.npshistory.com/publications/stea/shs/chap2.htm 

The photos above are courtesy of Dave Hewitt 

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