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Thursday, 7 May 2020


Today at Six - closure of Alston branch (1970, 5 mins)
A Ship is Born - Sunderland Education Dept film - building a ship at Bartrams (1953, 40 mins)
About Britain - Scott Dobson in Search of Geordie (1975, 15 mins)
Building the Tyne Bridge (1928, 45 mins)
Building Byker Viaduct for the metro (1980, 16 mins)
Sunderland North Dock (1955, 9 mins)
Includes the steam paddler Eppleton Hall & the Wear steam ferry
Amateur film Rail 150 - Shildon cavalcade & works open day (11 mins, 1975 & 1990)

Above are only a few of the available videos about NE England,   You may like to search the North East Film Archive for a film in which you'd be interested.


Michael Denholm said...

A superb set of films! Anyone with just the slightest interest in North East England and it's (not too distant) past cannot fail to be captivated. Children putting pennies on the rails during the Shildon 1975 Cavalcade! Imagine that now!

Dave Dixon said...

The About Britain with Scott Dobson shows what we've lost with the demise of the local ITV network. These films aren't made anymore and the heyday of those local stations all over the country resulted in a wealth of material that we can still value. Tyne Tees TV had to produce 8 hours a week of local interest as well as network programmes that showed the region off.