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Monday, 30 July 2018

A Day of Two Halves

Alan, Jim & Dave watch Peter demo their work target on Horden .....
..... & the equivalent on No.14
Walter lubricating adjustable reamers before storage
Alex grinding a sharp edge from an offcut
Dave making fittings for Horden's firehole door
Alan working on Horden's firehole doors
Dennis making hinges for ET carriage shed doors
Eric using his new uni wheel sack barrow ......
..... & repairing it
Angela bringing empty stock out of the carriage shed
David & Andrew removing ash outside Marley Hill shed
Angela on Cochrane taking the empty stock to Andrews House
Ian at the ground frame as our German visitors photograph Cochrane running round .....
...... & buffering up to the train at Sunniside
Our Saxony visitors pose on Causey Arch .....
...... & have a history talk from Peter
Waiting for the return train ......
..... to Andrews House, for their coach .....
..... but taking a last railway photo opportunity before sailing from the Tyne

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