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Sunday, 1 July 2018

This Sunday

Luke getting HL No.2 ready
Ian using AW No.2 to shunt the carriages for today's train
Angela taking the empty stock out of Marley Hill
AW No.2 taking the first train into East Tanfield bay; Matthew the guard looking out
Luke & Angela on No.2 at Causey, waiting .....
..... for the green flag from Matthew
Ian on AW No.2 bringing the train into ET bay .....
..... & swinging the formers off the platform for the last time
Ben, Andrew & Logan at Causey Level Crossing
Ben has taken over as guard
Richard & Bobby fitting 49's new spark arrestor
49 has been dragged outside .....
..... so that Richard can use plasticene in the valve motion ,,,,,
..... to be squashed by moving the loco .....
..... then measured to determine alteration to the reversing rod to eliminate a heavy rattle
Oliver, Tyler & Alex moving & stacking pit boards to enable access under 49
Angela exchanging tokens with Guy
Ian watching the first train for a few weeks to use East Tanfield main platform
Lewis & Geoff behind the counter at East Tanfield
Afternoon tea - available at Eat Tanfield
Approaching No.1 alongside Burdon Plain
David, John, Elise & Lynne washing up in Andrews House after the tea train
Frank taking care of AH plants
Antony & Luke look out as the last train arrives at Andrews House

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