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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Thursday at Tanfield

Colin & Rob doing extra nailing & screwing of the new platform
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Dave cutting a board to width
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Colin fitting the final screw .....
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
..... then sweeping up
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Dave moves on to help in Tommy Armstrong's Tea Room
(photo courtesy of Ian Cowan)


Unknown said...

1) Will the floor of the new carriage shed be concreted?

2) Will the gap between the bottom of the wall and the earth remain?

Unknown said...

Where is everone's hearing protection?


Derek said...

To unknown, the answer to 1, is "no", because public access will be at platform rather than track height; for no.2, "no", the gap will be closed with ballast.

To waynzus, some wear ear plugs, and all know where the ear defenders are kept.