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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Heddon-on-the-Wall Station

The idea & some photos below are from Dave Dixon - other photos are from Disused Stations.

Heddon-on-the-Wall station is on the North Wylam Loop, with a mile walk up a steep hill on an open road to the village which it serves.   However, it is said that the locals thought that the station would be better placed here, on the railway line.   The first station to serve Heddon was even less convenient, being Ryton, with an additional mile to walk across open fields, a rowing-boat ferry across the Tyne, then another half mile walk.

1914 OS map showing the NER railway with Heddon-on-the-Wall station, north of which is Heddon Haughs farm and the trek to the village
(OS 25" segment from NLS maps)
The following photos correspond with the map to show the eastbound platform to Newcastle & its buildings; the staggered westbound (Wylam/Hexham/Carlisle) platform & building; & the station house to the south.   Note the Wylam Colliery Waggonway route slewed north of the station.

The eastbound platform with ticket office & waiting room - NER wooden at its simplest & best.
This would have been the more heavily used platform with commuter departures to Newcastle.
A DMU for Newcastle in the late 1950s, not long before station closure
At the crossing, looking east towards Newcastle, with the station master in 1949
There is an article on William Harle, station master from 1899-1906, on the Heddon LHS blog.

Looking eastwards over the crossing today - haughs farm to left, station master's house to right
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
Looking eastwards along the Wylam Waggonway - the NER route is through the trees to the right - are these William Harle's trees?
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
The westbound platform, with wooden shelter & waiting room.
Note the wooden lift from the original height.
Similarly looking west, trees on the left have replaced the westbound platform
(photo courtesy of Dave Dixon)
The station master's house, double its previous size; it had 17 occupants in around 1900

See Geograph for 21st century photos around the station site.

See Disused Stations for history of the station.

See Heddon-on-the-Wall Local History Society web & blog for information on local Transport, Railways & Coal Mining.

The Heddon-on-the-Wall Local History Society are quite active in researching & publishing information on the web - eg the History Map above.

The Tyne Improvement Commission's line at Hedwin Streams, near Heddon
(photo Derek Charlton collection)
In the later 19th century the newly-formed Tyne Improvement Commission made considerable navigational improvements to the river almost up to Wylam.   An example of Heddon LHS research covers the associated Hedwin Streams Railway.

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