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Thursday, 11 June 2020

Marley Hill as Beamish Store

Chris Shearer has sent in a couple of photos of Marley Hill shed & yard in use by Beamish as a store for large exhibits during 1971-72.
No.41 from Derwenthaugh on MH shed south road
(photo courtesy of Chris Shearer)
Inside Marley Hill shed - note the patchwork roof covering
(photo courtesy of Chris Shearer)
On the left:
What is the blue-grey item?
a Head Wrightson loco - Coffee Pot now at Beamish?
a trolley wire inspection vehicle - now at Beamish

On the right:
Twizell - now back at Marley Hill from Beamish
a fire engine - now where?
the Smith-Rodley crane, used for several years at MH, now at Beamish

Please leave a comment if you have further details


Andy Hanson said...

I think the blue grey object on the left is a Motor Rail petrol loco, built for 2ft gauge (for the WW1 trench railways) and later converted to standard gauge. There is a photo here;


Unknown said...

Glad someone took the pictures during this transitional era. Well done, Chris.