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Monday, 8 June 2020


Vic heading out of Marley Hill on Cochrane in 1981
(photo courtesy of Alan Thompson)
Vic in 1981 alongside RSH 38 - the loco he returned to steam by volunteering night shifts
(photo courtesy of Bob Payne)
Interview on RSH 38 in a Tyne Tees video of the 1987 gala - see also a Video with Vic 
Picking up the token at MH box in November 1993
(photo courtesy of Dave Hewitt)
Vic on Austerity No.17 in his days working for the NCB on the Bowes Railway

Vic spent the first 10 years of his retirement volunteering full time at Tanfield, during which he almost single-handedly manually maintained much of the track.

Click to see how he spent his 80th birthday in May 2012 

Vic placing sleepers during Causey station relaying in July 2013
Working with the team to resleeper near Causey Crossing in September 2013
Clearing Andrews House station during relaying in April 2015
Vic grass cutting with his Fergie in April 2015
Strimming the bus layby in April 2015 - what was Vic's former job here?
Cleaning & greasing track rollers in May 2016
Heading onto the lineside with the new flail & a screensaver in June 2016
Vic checking his Fergie in November 2017

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Michael Denholm said...

A true gentleman. Part of pre and post-preservation 'Bowes Railway Marley Hill'.