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Monday, 15 June 2020

North East Notables

Any list of notables incorporates bias, misses important folk & adds contemporaries who may soon be forgotten.   Can you put a name to each of these faces of people, dead or alive, associated with NE England?

Journalist, Businessman, Engineer

Sportsman, Politician, Engineer

Actress, Director, Philosopher

Sportsman, Trade Unionist, Scientist

Diplomat, Engineer, Actor

Sportsman, Musician, Sailor

Answers will appear below .....
Kate Adie, Ralph Ward Jackson, Ove Arup
Jimmy Montgomery, Ellen Wilkinson, John Buddle
Flora Robson, Ridley Scott, Mary Midgley
Arthur Wharton, Thomas Hepburn, Peter Higgs
Gertrude Bell, Nicholas Wood, Mark Gattiss
Harry Clasper, Kathryn Tickell, Cuthbert Collingwood

If you'd like to know the place with which each person is associated, or their claim to fame, refer to the North East Hall of Fame by David Simpson.

More names on Newcastle blue plaques ..... 

..... & on quayside plaques of Local Heroes 
Who would be in your list of NE notables?

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